What is the 'ideal' light color

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Re: What is the 'ideal' light color

astralux wrote:

Given that I can control the color of a light source and that source has a perfect CRI, what black body temperature would cause a CCD ( an 'ideal' one where the color filters are perfect in balance) to report equal values of RGB? I expect that the answer will not be simple, but any ideas out there?


Is that simple enough?

Now the why.

Black body radiation is not of equal intensity at all wavelengths to start with and silicon based light sensors are not equally sensitive to all wavelengths of light. Add in the fact that each R, G, or B color filter will transmit a different percentage of the light that is within the range of colors that the filter will transmit and you can see that there is absolutely no way that an image sensor will report equal values of RGB for a black body source.

Check these two references.



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