Which MacBook Pro for Lightroom 4

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Re: Which MacBook Pro for Lightroom 4

PicturEd wrote:

Can anyone tell me whether I really need the power of the 15" MBP instead of the 13" version for working with Adobe Lightroom 4?

At the moment I have a 3,5 year old 15" MBP with 4 GB RAM and the 2.53GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor coupled to an Eizo ColorEdge CG222W screen. When working in LR4 I see a significant delay in onscreen result when adjusting the several develop-module sliders. Sometimes it even shows the irritating skippy ball before updating the display.

I figure it is time for replacement and I'm looking at a new MBP with upgraded RAM to 8GB. Now I'm wondering if I will notice any practical difference when I choose the more compact 13" version with the dual core processors compared to the 15" version with it's quad core processor.

So... basically my question: is the 13" dual core MBP enough for comfortable working in Adobe Lightroom 4 in dual screen mode with my Eizo screen? Any advice will be most appreciated.


I've been looking into Macs and MacBook pros again myself since I need to upgrade my laptop and/or desktop PCs soon I think.

My biggest concern when it comes to photo editing and LR is not so much the processor (my current Intel Centrino Duo IBM Thinkpad works fine with it...) but the screens. The main reason I even looked at Macs again is that there are few high resolution screen choices in the PC world left.

Starting with the 15" you can get the high resolution anti-glare panel which to me looks like the bare minimum (roughly matching the 125 ppi resolution of my current laptop only a bit bigger). The 17" is even better but then it becomes a portability issue. The 13" MBP looks way underpowered for the money but mostly the screen wouldn't work for me despite the overall nicer form factor. YMMV

I'm going to wait for the next generation to see if Apple finally figures out that not every user is a hippster at Starbucks surfing the web and writing emails but that there are folks who actually want to use laptops these days for serious editing work. I prefer working with a laptop over a desktop for that because of comfort (plus the iMacs resolution is even more a joke if you think of it in terms of ppi)

Let's see if they can utilize the "retina" technology in a 14 or 15" form factor and I could be sold. Otherwise I can only hope that my Thinkpad will make it a while longer.

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