So if you were doing street shooting, DA 40mm Ltd or DA 35mm Ltd?

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Re: So if you were doing street shooting, DA 40mm Ltd or DA 35mm Ltd?

DAD519 wrote:

I use the 21, 40, & 70 as a small light travel threesome. I really like the light and small combo at times like this.

The threesome tour-de force is what I found too when putting those exact primes in my bag. But to my surprise I saw that I could fit the FA 100 and the DA 21/DA 40 in the same bag. This means right now the DA 70 is sitting out.

I love the DA70 and it's sharp (and focuses very fast). But what I find lenses like the DA * 50-135, FA 100 and probably the DA * 55 have over the little pancake guy is that extra omph in bokeh, micro contrast. Not that the little primes are bad by any means and the DA 70 is great. Just that the FA 100 is phenomenal. So I wonder if the DA 70 will be with me while traveling or I may as well take the FA since it fits int he same bag, and probably end up selling the DA 70 as much as I also love it.

I would like to get a macro to go with them and debate getting the 35, 50, or 100mm. I lean towards the 100 as the 40 is close to the 35 and 50 options.

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