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Iceman1973 wrote:

HI everyone,

while eveyrone is out buying the em-5, I've gone and got me an ep-3. This is my first m43 camera. It might sound silly but I moved from apsc to m43...

Doesn't sound silly in the m43 forum

Below are my comments, but please remember I am purely an amateur. It helps me to put into words what I think about the pictures, but it may not help you, because i may be off base.


Like it very much. Like the geometry of the lines and the simplicity of the tonal range

Looks like a snapshot. Would prefer to see both eyes and the right arm not cut off and head not square in center

Sorry, does not look too interesting. Perhaps a fully symmetric view (head on aligned with the button's center) and/or more contrast would help.

Very nice expression. Shame about the stick protruding from behind his head

Potentially very nice composition, except that the feet being cut off make the picture lose balance

No, I prefer the B&W version

A special moment, but the pose is unusual enough that it can take a moment to understand what's happening. A slower shutter speed would have blurred the water and the child's motion a little bit, and this could have made it more obvious that there was motion going on.

Hope this helps.


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