Workflow with NEX 7 RAW, rangefinder wide lens, Cornerfix and Lightroom 4

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Workflow with NEX 7 RAW, rangefinder wide lens, Cornerfix and Lightroom 4

Here is my current best work flow with rangefinder wide angle lenses (on a MAC):
(I wonder how it can be sped up, maybe by staying inside Lightroom, or ???)

I assume we have a lens specific Cornerfix correction file ready. Easy to make ...

1) take a RAW called pic.arw taken with the NEX 7 and Contax G 28mm lens, say. (Observe the purple edges: yuck!)

2) import pic.arw into Lightroom 4 and convert to a DNG file
(to have them ready for Cornerfix which needs (?) DNGs)

3) Export pic.dng from Lightroom 4 to Desktop (say)

3) Use the Contax G 28mm preset inside Cornerfix to get rid of purple corners etc; this creates a file pic_CF.dng that I save in Desktop.

4) Delete the old (purple corners) pic.dng file from Desktop

5) rename pic_CF.dng to pic.dng (delete the " CF" part of the updated file name with now un-purple corners)

6) Delete the old out of camera pic.dng file form the MAC folder where it was stored for Lightroom use

7) drag the corner fixed version of pic.dng from the desktop into the place of the old pic.dng (old unfixed, but now deleted) of Lightroom's picture folder in Finder

8) click away from what Lightroom showed earlier (the unfixed pic.dng file)

9) in Lightroom click back on the new corner-fixed version pic.dng in its library and there it appears in Lightroom ready to be developed without those yukky corners.

That seem babylonian difficult; it works however and I could repeat those 9 steps every time. What a bore?

Yet I am sure there are easier ways with maybe somehow embedding Cornerfix into Lightroom itself. Or via a short script file ???

How done? How does anyone do this corner fixing from the NEX with rangefinder wide lens through the whole Cornerfix/Lightroom process?

Please someone, let us all know, please! And thanks!

Sony Alpha NEX-7
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