New Ep-3 owner - pics - CC...

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New Ep-3 owner - pics - CC...

HI everyone,

while eveyrone is out buying the em-5, I've gone and got me an ep-3. This is my first m43 camera. It might sound silly but I moved from apsc to m43, and I've been keeping an eye on olympus for a while. Found a very good condition used one with the 14-42, and bought that along with the 45 1.8. Reason to move from nikon/fuji/canon/nex...

1. too much weight to carry around. I was very happy with the x100, but I needed and missed a zoom on many occassions, and while I adapted with the focusing lag an other issues, I still felt the need to zoom in at times. Nex, could not get along with the body despite of trying hard, the lenses i mounted with an adapter were just too heavy for the body...

2. m43 has come a long way now - lenses like the oly 12mm, 45 and panasonic 20mm are very nice, and give exceptional results.

3. I sold most of my gear to fund a vehicle, and all I had left was enought for the ep-3 (else it would've been the em-5)

So my first attempt at the ep-3, my son has been my subject for all cameras I've been through the last 2 years, and still continues to be.

Kindly let me know what you think - any tips for a 1st timer into m43 would be appreciated.
Thank you for viewing.
BTW the grainy B&W filter rocks!
All shot in RAW & Jpeg. Some were processed in LR4, some are straight OOC Jpeg.


Fujifilm FinePix X100
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