G1X - illuminated fountain by NIGHT - ISO: 800 and 1600.

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Peter - it can easily be done in PS

However, as you've already discovered, it will take some time and patience to do. I've worked on far worse then what you've shown here, so I know that it can be accomplished. Your particular example would require some cloning, along with a bit of reconstruction in some areas, but it is most definitely doable.


peter_friend wrote:

Yes. I have a problem to solve.

Here in Quebec, in almost all cities, electric and telephone cables are suspended in the air and tied to stakes.
It spoils too many of my photographs. I tried to remove these cables with
the cloning tool in Photoshop Elements and Paintshop Pro X4. But it is
too long to complete.
I give as an example the first photo in this serie.
What advice or suggestion would you give me to improve
this type of photography? Thank you in advance.

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