Fuji X Pro 1/ my experienc

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Fuji X Pro 1/ my experienc

Aquired the camera with the 18mm. & 35 mm. lenses a few weeks back.
The 35mm is amazingly sharp. The 18mm is good but not amazing.

Picture quality far surpasses my Nikon D 7000, in fact is far superior to any digital that I have owned/used. Colour is superb.
The controls are straightforwardly,the menu quickly accessible, the autofocus is

more than adequate for the type of photography that I do.(portraits, streetscapes & landscape).
High ISO (1600) gives great results.
Even the manual focus is doable if you're not too impatient. The rewards are

I just installed a Kipon M/Fujii adapter. Its the best $72.- I've spent in a long time.
Used an Elmar 50mm f2, Voigtlander Scopar 25mm & a 90mm Voigtlander.
Results were outstanding, particularly with the 90mm.

Manual focussing (with the 90mm)I was able to catch good shots of birds at my backyard feeder.
Sharps as a tack and excellent colour
I would say that this is probably my last camera aquisition.
Does eveything that needs to be done in a handy, discreet package. Bravo Fuji!

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