My issue with Nikon and the "D400"...

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Re: My issue with Nikon and the "D400"...

2005Magnum wrote:
I am not overly optimistic about Nikon releasing a D400.

I do not have any statistics. My assumptions are based solely upon conjecture. I would take a wild guess and say that Nikon's heaviest sales are in the entry level cameras. Most entry level shooters are content with what they have. Nikon wants, like any good pusher, to create addicts who will move up and spend more money on cameras and expensive lenses. Most of those folks have at least entry level DX lenses. Some of these entry level shooters may spend a few extra bucks to upgrade their entry level lenses. The real money is in lenses.

Although most of the entry level buyers have never seen or shot with 35mm film, they are told that FF is the holy grail and to make matter worse, they are told that in order to shoot FF, you better not shoot with a lens that cost less then $1000.00. Just look at all the discussions regarding use of anything less then the Nikon 24-70 2.8 (God forbid you shoot with an old 24-85).

DX shooters for the most part have maxed out on lenses. To the best of my knowledge, there does not seem to be anything in the works to update DX lenses. Nikon only has so many resources, factories, material, labor etc. Where would you concentrate your efforts?

I love DX. I own a D7000 and have been waiting to eventually replace it with a D400, but I suspect that strictly from a marketing, sales and profit incentive, a D400 is less likely now. I believe that Nikon will concentrate it's DX efforts in the lower end and try to move D300 owners into FF with the D800 and what is most likely, a D600. This does not mean the death of DX, just a shift in the strategy and the end of pro level DX (unless you consider the D7000 pro level or at least semi pro).

The only camera maker who seems to continue to promote the DX sized sensor is Sony. Even Canon seems to be doing nothing. Do you really want to shoot Sony?
I hope I am wrong.

It’s a possibility. Let's see all that. The d7100 pushing from one side and a low price fx together with the d800 from the other.

What’s against it is that making d400 makes sense and its profitable (=doesn’t make sense to stop a well established product), it’s also in very important spot prestige wise (=it’s useful otherwise). I personally would make a powerful pro/semi-pro dx camera – in its price niche (D800 would differ clearly in a few areas from performance/speed to the price; good to engage both) – distinguished from d7000 line that doesn’t need big changes in itself. – many things they can be improving within such a line besides the obvious (i.e. the sensor).

What’s against this again is the basic key question: and that’s the fact that Nikon can basically make profit on anything (in short). And weighing out an A type of profit against B or D type in context will decide the next product configuration. Let’s not even speculate about possible factors that could be influential. It would go from a widest range of internal ones (we can be only imagining) to the external ones we often ponder about. - difficult predicting these decisions. I can see both options – it’s about the other things that will simply say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and that decision will be made. Logic says to me there should be the next model, I hope it can be.

Quitting d400 would be quite a change and a questionable move towards the users to say at least at this point is my stable view.


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