Handled the x pro 1 today

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Re: Handled the x pro 1 today

Well said, congrats!

Is just envy because no one (fan boys of the"big" CaNikOlySon group) ever expected from Fuji to create such a hype and sales with the X Series. Fuji got a serious part from their cheese and still getting it. Since I bought X100 one year ago, I only used my D700 for three times!(fast action)

Don't forget that many like you mentioned are really paid by this companies to create such wars on the forums.

Aside of this, I also owned GF1 and a couple of lenses and the output is way behind X-Pro 1, it can't even be compared; its overly priced VF1 was just a plain bad joke.



Photozopia wrote:

There seems to be an orchestrated movement by m4/3rd users to rubbish the XPro1 - as they did the X100 - on numerous web forums/review sites ... for no reason at all.

I recently got banned by Oly/Leica fan-boy Steve Huff for merely pointing out he was continually stirring up critique in his one-sided 'Crazy Comparisons' on his site ... deliberately picking on areas in which he knew the XPro1 to be weaker, and generally acting as a Leica/Olympus 'shill'.

After 2 weeks in which I received overt personal abuse and character assasination by his Olympus fans/supporters I'd had enough - being banned from his site, by someone of his track record ( older dp forum users will be more than aware of his duplicity ) is actually one of my prouder moments.

The anger stirred by Fuji's quality results and continued sales success is just sheer m4/3rd jealousy to me. Quite why they feel obliged launch these totally unprovoked attacks on the Fuji camp is unknown ....

(If not, then search dpreview for: "Steve-Videoman, digislr, Digi-man, Digi-now, Steve Huff" posts)

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