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It has come to my attention that where I wrote :

If there's a need to print a new edition, Thom lets you upgrade for a reduced cost. I don't think that this is done with printed books. If a second edition is printed, you probably have to pay the full price a second time.

some people may have read it as confusingly saying that Thom lets you upgrade for a reduced cost but also makes you pay the full price for a new edition. I'll try to make it more accurate this time. When Thom issues a new edition, such as the second edition of the D2x guide that added coverage for the D2xs and the D300 guide which added coverage for the D300s and is now in its third edition, the updates are available at a substantially reduced cost, $11.95 for the new D2x/D2xs guide. As Thom writes on his Updates page about updating the guides for other cameras :

D3, D40/D40x, D80, D90, D300, and D700 updates are NOT handled via this page and are a different price due to the printed material included with them.

The D700 guide sells for $39.95 and is a special case because Thom also offered a printed (paper) edition for $29.95 to purchasers of the PDF version. I don't know if he did this for any of his other camera guides. This is what he writes about the upgrade prices for the D700 guide :

Things are a little more complicated than other updates due to the options that are involved:

  • CD+ToGo only for anyone living outside of Pennsyvlania: US$14.99

  • CD+ToGo only for Pennsylvania residents: US$15.59

  • CD+ToGo+Printed complete set for Pennsylvania residents send US$47

  • CD+ToGo+Printed complete set for other US and Canadian residents: send US$44.99

  • CD+ToGo+Printed complete set for all other International residents: send US$59.99

Apologies if there was any confusion or misunderstanding. Thom's Complete Guide to the Nikon 1 is also different in that it doesn't include some of the extras that come with the other guides, and it was downloadable (no CD involved) so if there are any updates . . . we might expect the price (if any) to be substantially less than any of his previous guide updates.

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