Let's unite for new Mac Pro!!!!

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Rich Gibson
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Re: Let's unite for new Mac Pro!!!!

Jen Yates wrote:

As an ex PC person. I love my Macs. You'll get my Mac when you tear it out of my cold dead hands!

Spoken like a true kool aid fan. I have two Mac Pros now, along with a 13" MBA, two minis, an iPad 1 and iPhone4S. My second Pro is a 6-Core 2010 model I got last week. I put 13 TB of hard drives in it with 12gb of RAM for digital photography. I gave up waiting for the mythical new Mac Pro. Apple's build quality is without peer but they are getting out of the computer business and moving to iCloud content streaming whether anyone likes it or not and all the lemmings will swoon and follow. This could be my last Apple purchase, but with VMWare I can transition over to whatever manufacturer still believes in configurable computers with a viewable file structure and mass storage I/O.

Apple is specializing itself into eventual redundancy. What will they do when there are no more tablets and smart phones to be sold? Voice controlled television sets aren't the answer.


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