5N + Sigma 30mm = terrific social camera.

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Re: What the he l l is a 'social camera'?

cptrios wrote:

GodSpeaks wrote:

I can show you photos that are as good, or better, taken with a micro43 camera or an LX3.

So... what's your point?

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Finally! Someone's challenging the OP's ridiculous statement! I couldn't believe how he called the 5n "the best social camera ever, certainly better than any m4/3 camera or the LX3." And when he said that no equipment on the planet could produce photos as good as the ones he posted? Astonishing.

Curious. Where did he write that? I haven't found it in this thread.

The way I look at it, he took his 5N and Sigma 30mm to a social gathering and it performed to his liking.


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