D800E vs Leica S2: a detailed comparison

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Re: D800E vs Leica S2: a detailed comparison


I think the OP was referring to converted R mount glass - not everything works because of cams and back element protrusions - which isn't that expensive, just a bit fiddly.

Somehow the removal of the AA filter (or canceling filter installation) emphasizes LoCA - I don't know why - but yes, I suppose one could write a profile to remove it in ACR or hope NX takes care of it. It isn't a big enough problem for me to bother, though. If it's really bad then just use the desaturation tool and a tablet to brush it away.

inasir1971 wrote:

Nice article - thanks.

I have both versions, the 'E' for a day but I am already noticing the increased moire and the increased sharpness.

You hit the nail on the head, we have now shifted from a sensor limited system to a lens limited system. And performance of lenses on the D800 is very different to how they performed on other bodies.

Leica lenses are alas out of reach for many of us.

You mention Axial CA (LoCA's I think) and I have noticed this with the D800/E. Every flaw, blemish, and focus error is amplified on these or maybe I'm just looking for things more. However, I find that use of the Axial CA correction function in Nikon software deals with this very effectively. So, perhaps CNX 2 is as another poster suggested the better raw converter for the D800E. (maybe what we don't have in glass can be made up for somewhat through software)

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