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Read the forum's description!!!

kimchiflower wrote:

At this rate we'll need a new forum for each m43 camera and lens! (but lets start with an EM5 one first...)

The next person who starts a new thread about nothing to do with photography should be banned!

"Welcome to the Micro Four Thirds Talk Forum, the place to discuss Micro Four Thirds models such as the Panasonic GF, GH & G series and the Olympus E-P series."

As the forum description says, this is a forum to specifically discuss m43 cameras (and accessories). That being said, threads about photography would be OFF TOPIC!

There are other forums on DPR that discuss different areas of photography, and you should check those out if that's what you want to read about.

Presonally I come here specifically for the equipment talk, and specifically the new EM-5 since it just came out and we're trying to find out about any bugs or issues with it.

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