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joejack951 wrote:

PHOTOJOE55 wrote:

I really don't think it's the kind of camera that anyone can complain about.

PHOTOJOE, I think you took my post the wrong way. I wasn't complaining about or calling the D3200 a bad or unsuitable camera for anyone. In fact, I was pointing out how the D7000 isn't an overpriced camera, even with it's lower megapixel count. The point of my post was that there is much more to a DSLR camera body than a sensor. The D3200 has a fantastic sensor (for the price), but I wouldn't give up everything that my D300s offers to get that sensor.

Given that this is an enthusiasts website, I think that those coming here are more interested in everything the camera can offer than a casual snap shooter. To the casual photographer, the sensor may be the one and only thing they care about (perhaps until they realize the other shortcomings). To the enthusiasts, those features I listed could make all the difference (or no difference at all).

Agree 100% on this
Much more to a camera than just the sensor

I'd expect the D3200 to get the usual brochure review treatment from most sites, ignoring basic and important functionality for the big pixel count sensor.

This is a very cut down camera in every respect the devil in in the details never applied more appropriately to a maker than Nikon at the entry level.

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