Why is DXO taking so long on the EM5?

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Re: Second email sent ...

They've actually answered your query in the preview of the Om-d.

I'm glad to see optimism in fellow snappers - but some comments seem just a tad on the rosy side. This will not duplicate techradar results.

Dxo are not picking jaws up from the floor, rethinking the very tests their rep' is build upon, etc. They're waiting for the camera it seems.

I've tinkered with the Oly for almost a week now and even with the 12-50 it resolves beyond my wildest expectations. But the tonal range is not very wide.

The curve tool in conjunction with the highlight and shadow markings are great remedies - born out of nescessity. I personally applaud Oly for making the shortcommings that much more bearable - but the tools are there for a reason.

I'm getting the XP1 (again). Based on my humble observations - the lads over at DXO are going to go crazy over that one. And we'll see chartopping m43 scores for the Om-d.
All is well. All is as it ever was it seems.

Great tools in their own rights the Oly and Fuji. Bless 'em both.

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