Test for your trained eyes

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Re: Test for your trained eyes


I agree.

Got it too! Never checked EXIFs or user's camera history. Although I didn't have a clue as to what the other cameras were (I was equally impressed by those guesses!), the second looked like A) no AA filter, better micro-colour differentiation, and so, most likely a Foveon. It definitely didn't have the warmth or yellow-green of the SD14, or the golden olive of the SD9, but was much more blue-cyan-ish, like the SD15. And the SD14, faced with so much red component under bright light would have probably clipped a bit more. However, while the capture sensitivities at different wavelengths can't be changed in post processing, the overall colour casts can. So I wasn't sure, but my guess was SD15 for shot #2.

That was fun! Too bad I was > two days late, but didn't cheat, and enjoyed nonetheless.

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