Panasonic Lumix DMC-3D1 short review... part 2

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Re: Panasonic Lumix DMC-3D1 short review... part 2

Thought I'd post my own thoughts here after receiving my 3D1 yesterday. I started another topic after noticing some occasion blurriness problems in the right eye/lens, but here goes for my comments :

  • nice compact and light format

  • don't get the need for an on/off button when the camera won't turn on if you don't have the sliding lens cover open in the front...

  • makes for a clean design but not a big fan of the near complete lack of buttons. Two biggest problems : keep tapping the screen by accident so it changes the focus area (can't see a way to disable that) - when I first connected it to my 3DTV via HDMI there were no buttons on the screen to control it as Panasonic think you're going to connect it to their Veira TV (solved in the settings)

  • the miniHDMI (and "microUSB) connectors are behind a small trap door that is hard to open and doesn't flip open completly so I'm not sure how long the small rubber hinges will last before getting teared. That door had a much better design on my TZ7

  • 2D wide angle of 25mm is great, unfortunately in 3D it goes down significantly, 50mm possibly ? This is not great for indoor pictures

  • the 2D dual mode, left/wide and right/x4 zoom is pretty clever, unfortunately you just get two separate pictures, there is no in-camera "stitching"

  • a sweeping panorama mode like on the Sony cams would have been nice

That's all for now

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