VR & VR 2 How to know which it is.

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Re: Answer here!!!

Almost good, I had a 18-200mmVR in red, but let's be honest about this.

Nikon should be more clear about this and put VR in red, and VRII in gold same with the cameranames there is no logic in it....
Why not give al amature camera's the Dxxxx name
Pro DX a Dxxx name and FX an Fxxx, FXxxx or Dx,Fx ???????
That makes sense for rest of world and not only for Nikon !!

Rumle wrote:

Read a few of the replies, and didnt find the right answer, so here it goes...

VR is indicated with VR having RED letters

VR II has GOLD letters

only exception is the 105mm and which has red lettering but does have VRII.

And if the first 18-200 had VRII that's an exception as well, they where the first ones to have VRII.

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