Let's unite for new Mac Pro!!!!

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Re: Let's unite for new Mac Pro!!!!

RedLIne_ wrote:

My petition don't get much traction/hit

Cannot promote on other major Forums. They told me i'll be banned if i "solicitate"

In the meantime , i keep sending email to Tim apple to exhaust my frustration ..647 days sence the last upgrade for crying out loud....
No sata III no thunderbolt.... And more than ever no love from Apple
The Company obviously caring just about ipod/ipad....

I've written to Tim as well. Three times in fact without so much as a beep. I remember writing Steve Jobs once, and got a response within 2 days from him personally. I think were dealing with much different DNA here. Sadly, I think the writing is not only on the wall, it's engraved! The other day I configured an HP with new processors, and almost pressed the button. I'll wait till WWDC, and I'm jumping ship!

I'm sick of the silence. I configured the following..

Intel® Xeon® E5-2680 2.70 20MB 1600 8C

Intel® Xeon® E5-2680 8C 2.70 20MB 1600 CPU-2 (Must be same speed as Processor 1.)
HP Z820 Localization Kit
HP Dual Processor Air Cooling Kit (Supported with Dual Processors only.)
AMD FirePro V7900 2GB Graphics
HP 16GB (8x2GB) DDR3-1600 2-CPU RAM
HP 1000GB SATA 7200 1st HDD
16X SuperMulti DVDRW SATA 1stODD
HP Single Unit Packaging
HP USB Standard Keyboard
No Included Mouse
HP 3/3/3 Warranty

Cost after 27% discount $7,395.12 including Tax!

That is one kick ass machine, and it's everything I can do to hold myself back. After WWDC I'm switching if Apple remains tight lipped! Plus it includes a 3 year warranty, and it's shipping!

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