Does anyone know if the Olympus 14-54mm f/2.8-3.5 can be used with the OMD?

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Series I or II?

It's the series II version that focuses moderately fast on mFT bodies. I've had both versions and they are excellent lenses. The series II is currently the best bet if you want a general purpose zoom with a fairly fast aperture. When the Panasonic mFT zooms (12-35 and 35-100) come out before long they will be smaller and focus faster (unless something goes really wrong with them). The series II lens will ALWAYS hunt noticeably before locking on focus. You pretty much get used to it and you won't really miss many shots as a result. Few images are really all that decisive in the moment. However, it could bother you. The 12-50mm lens, though limited in some ways, focuses much faster.

The other thing you note is the size. You can hold the combination comfortably enough, and it's not particularly heavy. However, you lose a core advantage of mFT, which is the inconspicuous look of the camera. The combination will still be less conspicuous than a DSLR, however.
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