5D3 is extremely sharp!

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Re: 5D3 is extremely sharp!

Mikael Risedal wrote:

yeah , yeah do a test under controlled forms and show us. 5dmk2 5dmk3 are very good cameras but have 11stops DR compared to 14 stops in Nikon d800.

Can I se the raw files where the sky is so bad ?

Mine you can get whenever you want and check for your self

Jan from UK wrote:

Hello All ~ I attended a Music Festival here in Cumbria on Friday 4th May 2012. One of the featured artists was Hazel O'Connor of the film 'Breaking Glass' fame. She was born in 1955 her website says. My images were shot as she bounced about the stage under intense spotlights (aaarrgghh!). I shot in RAW and jpeg. I hurriedly checked the jpegs and apart from a little sharpening there was no other levels, colour balance or any other processing done to the jpeg images I used to downsize .. I used my 70-200 f2.8 IS USM Mk2.. Only after the act, I realised that with photos of women ~ it's maybe wise not to sharpen already SHARP images .. Bummer .. I'll have to try and soften when I redo them .. Bummer! This camera is brilliant. My plan to run a D800 in parrallel with my 5D3 is now out of the window .. It's 5D3 all of the way for me from now on .. Thank you Canon!

.. PS: Please look at the sky of that D800 sample pic of the house that's downloadable on the net .. The blue sky is horrible. My 5D2 & 5D3 skies are silky smooth .. not a trace of millions of teeeny blue pin pricks of a high pixel density sensor ~ A Canon win!
Jan F

It always end up with the DR of the D800....sad....sad...
Enjoy Photography

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