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Re: dark viewfinder when checking DOF

Zaptrax wrote:

Perhaps not a bug, but I'd like to see an option to have the screen not darken when you activate the depth of field preview. That has always been a weakness of SLR's. You set the camera to f16 or f22 and push the preview button and the viewfinder gets so dark you can't see what is and ins't in focus. Why replicate this with an EVF?

I tried this, a bit curious, as I haven't seen my E-M5 behave the way you described it. I found the image in the EVF didn't darken at all when checking the DOF (f/16). That was indoors, an area close to a window, overcast weather and no sunshine. Then I went into a darker room and the camera told me I was at ISO200, f/1.4, 20seconds and the view got dim when checking the DOF. When at ISO200, f/8 and 8 seconds the DOF function dimmed the viewfinder but a little only. A little more light, the light meter said 4 seconds now, the DOF worked again without dimming the the EVF.

I think ISO200, f/8 and 4seconds is corresponding to about an EV2 situation and (with my camera, my lens and my apartment) if the DOF control work fine there most of us can be happy, no? And, btw, why the heck do you use f/16 or f/22 in any case?

So, considering everything, I don't think about this as a bug. OTOH, everything can be made better so please report the problem to Olympus and suggest tweakings and improvements! Please let us know if you do.

Thank you,


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