Lumix 14-42 X versus Oly 45mm

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Re: Lumix 14-42 X versus Oly 45mm

fcna72 wrote:

I also found the 14-42X OIS performance to be good with very sharp photos below 1/60 or above 1/250. This isn't different to what is mentioned by the OP.

I'd be interesting to do the same tests in the problematic speed range though, because this lens is unusable between 1/60 to 1/200 if zooming in (at least on the GX1)

In the speed range you specify, the oly 45mm clearly out-resolves my 14-42X zoomed to 42mm on the GH2. That said, I have to zoom in 8x to see the difference, which is to say that the panny zoom is far from unusable in that shutter speed range. My guess is that I wouldn't see the difference unless very heavy cropping (or pixel peeping) were in play. And the panny zoom is even sharper at wider FLs.

Given the size of both lenses and the versatility of the 14-42x zoom, it's a great combo to put one of these on the GH2 and drop the other in my pocket.

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