I sent my Fuji back :-( part 2.

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Re: I sent my Fuji back :-( part 2.

Cyclopedia Brown wrote:

As an online seller I can sympathize with Amazon or anyone who would get a item returned used that was not actually new anymore due to a few shutter clicks or however else the item may have been used.

If I were Amazon, I simply would change my policy to state that no camera could be returned with more than 50 clicks. But how do you test that? That is the problem. This isn't a dress that your girlfriend wore that special night and tucked the tags in. It is a delicate piece of equipment, that like a car, will eventually need to go in for service. Many used camera sellers actually list items with the number of shutter actuations as a selling point.

Having a camera returned simply because someone wanted to have a trial run with it sucks from a sellers perspective. I dont care how much money Amazon has in their bank account. That isn't the point. If it were a mom and pop shop I doubt people would feel as comfortable making these kinds of trial run returns.

Simply stated... Buying a camera to test it out is probably morally wrong. Find a camera store with a display model to try, or an owner who wouldn't mind letting you shoot a few shots, or just rent it.

I know it's a new camera on the market, but a patient person should be able to handle waiting for reviews or display models, etc. There is no need to play the role of "early adopter" when you really aren't mentally built to handle not liking the camera. New Used cameras like the X-Pro1 can be listed as lightly used back on Amazon or Ebay or Craigslist and sell for maybe $50 less than the selling price (less than the price of a rental probably). And if it is difficult to get your hands on it may even increase in value. Resell it, but do not return it. That is my opinion...

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I mostly agree. I would never return a camera unless it is flawed. Returning a camera because I just don't like it isn't me. I'll sell, trade or keep it and promise myself to do more research next time.

So I wonder if those returning cameras would mind terribly if their next new camera was actually gently used? Who knew?

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