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Re: Some clarification is needed

Lasse Eisele wrote:

First of all, thank you everyone for your comments and very kind words.

I understand that my own comments in the original post may have sounded very negative and I'd like to balance them somewhat. The V1 is indeed one of the most frustrating cameras I have ever used (and I have used quite a few). But it can also be a rewarding camera. I'm usually happy if I come back from a trip with 5-10 very good images, by my standards. I got more than that this time.

I originally purchased the V1 mostly for the 30-110 mm lens. No other system offers anything like it. I already own a M4/3 system with two bodies and several lenses and I can't agree when people are saying that M4/3 is way ahead when it comes to lenses. Sure, there are a lot of M4/3 lenses with some excellent primes and two very good wide angle zooms but nothing like the 30-110 or even the 10-30 kit zoom.

I definitely agree with you on this. The 30-110 is an excellent lens, but so is the 10-30 compared with the Olympus counterparts. What Nikon lacks is fast primes and fast constant aperture zooms. Also, the 10-30 should be a little wider and a little longer. The m4/3 is way ahead when it comes to number of lenses, not the quality of them.

With the V1, I can have a camera with a very sharp 81-297 mm equivalent lens hanging from my neck all day long. That means a lot to me.

Definitely. That 30-110 is a real gem and the VR is just absolutely fabulous.

I guess I'll have to glue that mode dial. Or at least tape it in place. I never use video or any of the other odd modes anyway. I'm a still photographer.

"Glue" is a bit drastic, but yes, it is a design mistake to have it there and to have it so easily turning. Hopefully in the next generation they will do something about it. In the meantime, I am checking it (almost) every time I pull the camera out of the bag.

But what do I do with the aperture control (upper right)? My thumb hits it by mistake all the time when I'm shooting, so that I frequently end up with f/16 without noticing it. I could use P mode instead of A mode, of course, but I would rather not have to do that.

P mode is not the solution since you may still end up at f/16 when you don't want to and also lose control totally. The only advice I can give is discipline. Occasionally I have also knocked it to the wrong aperture but I guess every small camera has some disadvantages, and in fact, even if it was a dial, it could accidentally be turned.

About the viewfinder: I have used the V1 in strong sunlight in India without a problem. See this thread: http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/read.asp?forum=1058&message=41066279 I have also used the camera in snowy landscapes at home, again without a problem. But late April sun in a snow covered mountainous area without trees is obviously something different. It was very difficult to see anything at all through the viewfinder in the very bright light.

About the blank LCD: Some of you suggested that it was caused by condensation on the eye sensor, and you may be right. But a few times the LCD went blank when I happened to touch the upper part of it. Strange.

The eye sensor is quite sensitive. Having an eye sensor is both good and bad. I wish it could be disabled and that the camera could be set to permanently start with the EVF or the LCD and it should have a "DLSR style" where the EVF is used for the image and the LCD is for preview, whichever one wishes to use.

Anyway, I'm keeping the V1 and will likely use it on my next hike as well. But I can't trust it enough to use as the only camera. I'll need a backup.

Maybe if you are using it a lot you'll get used to it and get your routines up and working.

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