I've decided to keep this camera....

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Re: I've decided to keep this camera....

Sergey Borachev wrote:

This grip really should be integrated into the body,

or just ventilation for heat dissipation. Olympus just would not pass up the chance to make some extra dollars, even when it is compromising what is a very nice flagship camera. Short-sighted.

I disagree. Olympus give you a choice, which is good. An integrated grip deprives you of that choice.

I have used an OM4-Ti for years - which even with the minimalist add-on grip has less grip than the EM-5 in bare form. I have never had a handling issue with it or wanted it to have a handle and more bulk.

I also have had no issue with the E-M5 as it is and appreciate it's minimalism. I am getting the grips because of the free offer and will give them a go, but I suspect I might end up putting them on eBay.

Wouldn't allowing ventilation sort of compromise the weather sealing a bit?

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