(Some) GH2 owners going through Kubler-Ross

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Another psychological term: confirmation bias

Adventsam wrote:

zephyrus wrote:

Denial: The OM-D won't be as good as the GH2! It uses an old Panasonic sensor! LR4 only works its magic with the GH2! The OM-D is almost the same size if you add on an optional grip! The GH2 handling is better even though I have never held an OM-D! Let's wait for the DP review before we draw any conclusions! (review comes out) Gold awards are overrated!!

Anger: Those OM-D photos are phony because they cheat on ISO! Even though I have never complained about it before, I clearly see now that the DPR studio scene comparison tool is fatally flawed! The OM-D must be applying NR in RAW!

Bargaining: If the GH3 comes out soon, I'll be ok.

Depression: My camera is two years old. It isn't the latest and greatest anymore. I have lost all sense of purpose.

Acceptance: The GH2 is a great camera. It may not be the best m43rds camera anymore, but it isn't far behind.

Interesting theory and fits with the model but hey you forgot a few things?

ISO is definately over-stated by the Oly, we dont know by much for certain but hazard a guess at 140-150 is real?

Common, you know by now that ISO200 on the Olympus is comparable to the ISO160 of the GH2. There's 1/3EV stop difference and that's it.

This has been explained to you about 1000 times in the past few weeks, including the people of DPR. Yet you keep bringing it up as if somehow the information that contradicts your preconceived ideas does not register in your brain. Psychologists call this a 'confirmation bias'.

Video is not good on this camera, for casual user its OK, anything serious it sucks

Image sensor still doesn't have multi-aspect, in that one area it FAILS for me, once you have real 15m and 14m 3:2 and 16:9 ratios for a 2012 world its difficult to use crops from a 4:3 sensor.

The screen of the GH2 is by far better for outdoor shooting being full swivel and matt has big advantage imo
The grip is always attached on the GH2 lol, no need for another bolt-on

The built-in flash is far superior to no built-in flash at all, doesn't matter which or any way you look at it, its there its fitted its usable.

So here's another one of those: the E-M5 comes with a flash, so why say 'no flash at all'?

There are many areas of superiority of GH2 over the OMD, in many respects GH2 still stands ahead and especially in image detail due to the higher resolution it still seems to be the pretty superior product. Much like apple is perceived as the best for various things, eg phone? many know its not. Currently, I havent seen a single image from anyone that leads me to think the OMD is superior to the GH2, if I do I will gladly re-think my stance but for now GH2 has the edge, in raw especially and its certainly an accurate tool, more than can be said for the OMD.

There are areas where the GH2 is the superior product: video and multi-aspect come to mind. But I don't believe for a minute that you will ever rethink your stance, no matter how strong the evidence might be.

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