How do you use the GXR

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Re: How do you use the GXR

I usually prefer the "A" mode. I have a few film cameras with aperture priority mode, which I use frequently, so I am most used to that I guess. I also like it because it remembers my last settings, which is often more useful to me than to recall a pre-programmed mode (MY1 etc.).

The "MY1" mode on my GXR (with 50mm Macro lensor) is programmed to "Idiot" mode... I tried to set everything fool-proof, which my girlfriend asked me to do (not that I call her an idiot... that was her label!).

The "MY2" mode I have programmed for low-light photography (ISO 1600 etc.).

Somewhere I have saved a sepia mode... and maybe a studio mode with manual white balance. I don't remember... haven't had the Ricoh for that long. Very happy with it though!

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