Would you buy the D800 Again?

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Re: the cycle repeats itself once more... ;-)

antoineb wrote:

it goes like this, roughly:

1. can't wait, great camera!

2. why can't the idiots deliver mine already?

3. I'm having AF issues / "hot pixels" when taking long exposures with cap on / camera doesn't magically produce great shots / focus field is curved so I don't get perfect focus everywhere / skin tones are horrible / greens are horrible / I get banding in shadows / whatever

4. I hate this camera (and am returning it) vs. I love this camera.

5. "I'm changing systems bc this camera is so good / so poor"

6. would you guys buy it again?

7. steps 3. and 4. cycle a few more times

9. is it still OK to buy the camera, or should I wait?

10. back to 1.

Booooring - too many geeks, to few photographers

You are obviously interested in taking photos - sorry, you are on the wrong forum!!

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