G-Tech vs. OWC RAID?

Started Apr 18, 2012 | Discussions thread
Bill Heiser Regular Member • Posts: 384
Re: G-Tech vs. OWC RAID?

macaddict wrote:

Is there an issue with RAIDs spreading files between physical drives when using Lightroom?[...]

Is anyone using a RAID (0 or 1) with Lightroom? Any issues?

Hmmm, wow, I'd suspect that most serious photographers would house their images & LR database on RAID storage.

From the application's perspective, a RAID disk is "just another disk". As a LR user I am concerned by your report & am interested in any specific cases which in which having files stored on RAID devices has been proven to impact Lightroom. I'm not trolling or arguing with ya just seriously concerned & interested in confirmation that this is, indeed, a confirmed issue.

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