How Copyright Registration Could Work Against Photographers

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Re: How Copyright Registration Could Work Against Photographers

Rdefen wrote:

Which makes you smile more ?

Contrasting your concern with defendants being at risk for paying Google's attorney fees with the application by the Author sub class lawyers to the court for $30 million in fees agreed to be paid by Google in connection with the now scuttled settlement. (Which fee app, incidentally, I believe ASMP objected to).

Or Google after 6 years and tens of millions of dollars in attorney time and expenses now arguing that Plaintiffs have no standing. Of course unrelated to the Judge killing the settlement and his suggestions on how it could be fixed. Thanks but we don't do opt-in at Google. That's not how we roll. Please get rid of this suit so we can crush individual plaintiffs one by one. Some guy online is so shaken by the notion of potentially picking up our millions in fees that he won't bother to sue us anyway.


Neither makes me smile. I am not an attorney. I am a photographer. As a class I do not victimize attorneys. I am sometimes victimized by them. I had a very good business experience up to 1978 when the Law gave me copyright upon creation. Since then business has been a battle.

I do not have a Gmail account, nor do I sign on for any Google services, although I use Google for information,but that is because there is no good substitute.

Once again, my point was that copyright registration can work against the plaintiff. Of course you must know of those cases where defendants prevailed and were awarded costs and fees to be paid by the Registered Copyright Owners. That was my point and your efforts to make my point otherwise are specious.

I know four of the photographers on the ASMP v. Google suit. One is among my best of friends who I have known for over 30 years. I worry for him. He could get hurt. I hope that he will come out of this OK, and I think he will. However my thoughts are not a safeguard.

I wrote an example of how copyright registration could at time be turned around and become a disadvantage. That is an established fact. You chose to change the topic to a discussion about the prospects of the case I used as an example. Your skill at diverting the message is well honed. You must be a lawyer.

Here is my challenge to you Rdefen. Reveal your identity so our readers know your credentials. You have certainly noted that I do not hide behind an anonymous handle. Who are you? Back up your opinions and positions with your real identity.

Have a good weekend.

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