Nice email reply by Olympus

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Aleo Veuliah
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Nice email reply by Olympus
  • I made several question, they reply this:

"Dear Aleo,

Thank you for your email.

Here are the answers to your questions number 3 to 5:

Question 3)

Third, I like much the image quality of the Panasonic sensors, mostly on the colour they deliver, is the OM-D ensor the same used on the new Micro 4/3, 16 megapixels cameras, or is a new 16 megapixels Panasonic sensor ?


Unfortunately we cannot disclose the manufacturer of the sensor used in E-M5 Olympus camera, however we can confirm that the our E-M5 uses the newest 16.1 Megapixel Hi-Speed Live MOS

Question 4)

Fourth, I am thinking on buying thirdly part spare batteries for the OM-D when available, does the camera work with these batteries or it only can use Olympus batteries ?


Olympus can only guarantee the operation of Olympus batteries listed by Olympus as compatible with this camera. Batteries that are not specifically listed by Olympus as compatible with this camera may pose problems if used with this camera.

Qusetion 5)

Fifth, I do a lot of nigh photography, what is the maximum time on Bulb that I can use ?

The maximum bulb time can be set up to 30 min.

Kind regards,
Edita Warlop"

  • Well they told what they can or allowed ...

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