Sony's NEX Move is IBIS.

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Re: Sony's NEX Move is IBIS.

TiagoReil wrote:

If you really need IBIS don't get into the NEX system. It has been stated by sony that they didn't include it for several reasons. Size, heat, were some of them. If the technology of IBIS doesn't change radically in the near future, don't expect to have it in any nex camera. It is pretty obvious it wont happen.

  • The main advantage of optical stabilization is that it provides a stabilized view in the OVF. This does not apply to NEX.

  • OIS does keep the camera smaller, though I would be happy to have the NEX7x with IBIS even if it made the body a few cm thicker.

  • IBIS is more flexible than OIS in terms of 3D movement

  • The heat generated by IBIS is probably negligible in comparison to the processor.

  • Don't expect IBIS in NEX - wait for the larger A9 if you really need it

  • Maybe, just maybe, a variant of the video active stabilization could be implemented in a NEX-7 - if you are prepared to drop to 12MP

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