Processing D3200 NEF Files

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FoolyCooly OP Veteran Member • Posts: 3,484
Re: One Note about ViewNX2

Thanks for the tip. The default is +3, it's now set to zero.

Just a question RE Capture NX 2- Is it faster / better than ViewNX 2 for working large batches of RAWs?

Mako2011 wrote:

One note about ViewNX2

Look at the "sharpness" slider. It starts at the far left and that point is shown as the zero point. It is not. That "zero" is really the sharpening setting you used in the picture control when the NEF was taken. For example, If you used a Picture control setting of "standard" with +5 sharpening in the camera...then that "zero" in viewNX2 actually represents a camera +5 sharpening setting. Many like to start with a true "0" sharpening and do the sharpening in Photoshop or another program. You still can, but simply need to use the "Picture Control Utility" within ViewNX2 to build a custom picture control and save it. I call mine "Zero Sharpening" and base it on the "Neutral" picture control. Hope that is clear as mud. Good Luck

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