Canon 60 f/2.8 vs. 50 f/1.8

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Re: Full stops, camera

In terms of which of the 3 shorter fast lenses is better, it depends on what you want the lens to do. The 35f2 is pretty sharp across the frame and very good wide open. It has close focusing, as does the other Canon. The AF is fast and accurate, but not silent, like the 28f1.8. If I had to choose among the lenses, I'd pick the 35f2 (my choice) or 28f1.8 because they are Canons. I miss very few shots, and use the 35f2 a lot. The only advantage of the Canon 28f1.8 is that it has USM. If I had to try to quantify the percentage of misses because of AF errors on the 35f2 Canon, it is going to be perhaps 3%, and that is at f2.

The Sigma is probably sharpest in the center, but not in the corners, if I can believe the reviews. It is an f1.4 lens and this may require microadjust, but my cameras do not have this feature. I want to shoot at f1.8 or f2 anyway, so I am less interested in this f1.4 aperture for most of my shooting.

Take a look at the comments at about these lenses. Canon AF works best on Canon cameras. This doesn't mean that Sigma doesn't make lenses that work well - their macro lenses AF fine on Canons, but are slow. Some people get good results with the Sigma, but I hesitate to get a non-Canon when I need fast AF. I have a Tokina macro lens, and Af is much slower than the Canon 35 or 50f1.4. I got the 50f1.4 just because of the faster AF than you get on the f1.8 version.

Remember that people move and so it can be hard to hit focus at f1.4 and you also need good shutter speeds for sharp shots. That is one good reason to use f2 or so for photos of kids and will give you more room for error.

Personally, I prefer to use natural lighting than flash, and I know how to use my 430ex flash. It is convenient to be able to just grab a camera and grab a shot when this is wanted.

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