Processing D3200 NEF Files

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Re: Example NEFS?

Sorry for the delay. I had to borrow some hosting space off of a very close friend.

Here they are below. Not a terribly detailed scene but it should do the trick. Please note that I focused LV on the Bottom/Center Mario. The D3200 was mounted on a tripod and I used the IR remote to minimize the shakes.

DSC_0135.NEF- ISO 3200, F8 SB-600 @ 1/16

DSC_0136.NEF- ISO 100, F8 SB-600 @ 1/16

DSC_0137.NEF- ISO 200, F8 SB-600 @ 1/16

DSC_0139.NEF- ISO 200, F8 SB-600 @ 1/1

JasonED wrote:

Hi FoolyCooly.

Any chance you could post a couple of NEF files for others to play with?

I am particularly interested in comparing ISO 3200 with ISO 100 files 'pushed' to the equivalent.

ie. ISO 3200, 1/100, F8 that looks correctly exposed versus the same scene at ISO 100/200, 1/100, F8 looking very dark.

I have done some experiments with the DPReview studio shots but they are far from ideal. I know this asking for a lot but you will be rewarded in positive thoughts
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