What you need versus what you want, and what you have.

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Re: What you need versus what you want, and what you have.

ultimitsu wrote:

David Hull wrote:

There is nothing in my remark that is incorrect. I make the simple (and completely correct) point (which is clear BTW to anyone who really understands the DxO DR curve) that you rapidly reach a point of diminishing return as you move your ISO dial off of 100.

lets stop going around the issue, I will just say this, 14.4 stop DR rightfully exist only in iso 100 , it is so because of the nature of the underlying technology. to spin it like this would make it less desirable is like saying a ferrari is not so desirable because its 0-100 in 4 seconds is only possible on smooth roads.

Yes, you get it.

Yes, it is a pompous a$$ statement but probably true.

it is an idiotic statement that bares no relevance to the discussion point.

A traditional HDR approach could have solved this problem nicely and would work with just about any recent camera. Shots of this nature were made long before the Sony technology showed up. All equipment has limitations (including Sony) any problems with this shot reside in the approach you used, not the gear you used. The same can be said for the other examples you cite, all of which I have probably seen, I have been participating in these threads for a few years. From a DR perspective, this shot could have easily been made with a 60D if you used the proper technique. So let's see your D800 version of this shot -- hopefully it is not as over processed and garish as this one.

To say I could have done a traditional HDR is missing the whole point of better DR - I do not want to do a "traditional" multiple exposure HDR shot. it is like saying why bother with cars, horses will get you where you want to go just the same, only taking a few days longer.

Firstly I was out with my family for a day trip, it is one thing to carry an SLR and do a bit of walk around shooting, it is entirely another to carry an SLR and a tripod and have to stop and set up every time I want to shoot DR rich scene .

Secondly I am happy with spending 2 minutes in LR tune a image like this. But to do it properly with multiple exposure in PS would take good part of 15 minutes or more, that is not what I want.

No, I would not because I can get a 60D for about that price. But it is only about the camera body if you are allready invested in the system that goes with that particular body -- otherwise the D800 is probably considerably more expensive.

This is why my original post (which you responded to) isnt about "ditching canon gear and moving to d800", but about "what people want (from 5D3) in light of what d800 can do".

As a Canon user, I would, of course love to see 14 stops of DR, but I already have 12 stops of DR which is more than enough for most work. BTW: The real issue is not DR, it is the nature of the noise produced by the two different technologies under low SNR conditions. 12 stops (72 dB) is more than enough DR for anything most practical work. While I think it is important for Canon to improve this feature, I apparently disagree with many of the fan boy types as to the urgency.

by that logic bob would have you believe 5~6 stop DR that he used to shoot 20 years ago was also enough. I would like to see anyone willing to buy a 2012 SLR with 6 stop of DR.

and it is funny to see you would still argue this despite your acknowledgement that 11.5 stop DR is NOT enough (without resort to multiple exposure) after seeing the example I had provided.

I saw your example and I simply told you how to shoot it with the equipment you had. You can make any excuse you want but the point is, you don’t need a different camera to do that shot. These aren’t photography school exercises here. What do you tell your client, “Oh, I can’t shoot your job; I don’t have the right gear”? Then uncle bob comes along with his rebel and nails it. Too funny.

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