'The Sigma 30mm the best of all available E-mount lenses?'

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jack scholl
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Re: 'The Sigma 30mm the best of all available E-mount lenses?'

DtEW wrote:

jack scholl wrote:

30mm times 1.5 equals 45mm.

Sorry if it was confusing . . .

I'm pretty sure it's not me that is confused.

I think this puts a bit of doubt on your ability to assess.

Lets try this again . .slowly.

I took several shots with the 30mm Sigma and the Sony 18-200mm lenses at 30mm (the 35mm equivalent of 45mm).

"We tested it against a SEL18200 at f.5.6. Lest I get crucified, IT WAS SHARPER, in most cases, but not all. The stabilization of the Sony at 45mm made a difference in more cases than I would have imagined. "

Both lenses were shot at 30mm (45mm equivalent). I am sorry, but it shouldn't be this tough. If I have confused you on this issue, I am sorry, but my "ability to assess" comment seems a bit condescending at best.

If you disagree with the conclusions, that is fine. Just don't send the arrogance along in the message.


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