Canon 60 f/2.8 vs. 50 f/1.8

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Re: Full stops, camera

rsn48 wrote:

Macro's in the 50 and 60mm focal lengths will be sharper than the same lens that isn't macro. Macro's have to be sharper, one of their defining characteristics, but they are "slower," not a big deal if you don't need a faster lens; a big deal if you need faster lenses. For me, if I were shooting children indoors, I'd definitely want a fast lens,>

Appreciate the comments.

arty H wrote:

I'd recommend either the Canon 50f1.4 or Canon 35f2. An aperture of f2 is plenty to allow natural light shots of family and friends. Both of these lenses are sharp. While it sound nice to have macro capabilities, I'd recommend a fast prime instead. Both of these lenses have fast and accurate AF. I use the 50 at f1.8 or so. It is sharp there, and in fact, is pretty sharp wide open. A 50 on a crop is going to give you a field of view that is comparable to that of an 85 on film. This is already a bit on the long side for photos of pairs or triplets of people. A 60 is even longer with a narrower view. I use the 35 more than the 50f1.4 indoors.

Thanks for the comments. Which of the shorter focal length lenses (around $500 or less) for Canon (1.6 crop factor sensor) is best? Canon 35 f/2, Canon 28 f/1.8, Sigma 30 f/1.4??

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