'The Sigma 30mm the best of all available E-mount lenses?'

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Re: In context, yes ...

blue_skies wrote:

Thanks, this looks impressive, but is the 2" width a misprint? 2" seems too narrow.

Adding just one more lens is attractive though. I have several bags that can hold three or four lenses, but they are not minimalists bag, just fairly small bags.

I use the LCS-EMF, which is virtually the same size as the Billingham, but horizontally, as my small bag reference, with a 3" width, more practical.

The bag is technically 2" wide from seam to seam, but, after reading about several M users using the bag, I took a chance and ordered it. Once I received it, I realized that the NEX-7 does fit in there, because the bag bulges a bit past 2". It may be too tight with a Gariz grip attached, though. This bag is a very minimalist option with the NEX-7 and a few lenses, because of this narrow width. It hugs close to the body, as opposed to my other, more square small bag options.

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