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Re: SO much BS . conditions for DR=low read out noise

rwbaron wrote:

The way you reply to posts speaks volumes about you. Your obsession with minutiae carries over into your posts with having to respond to every sentence which is down right weird. Can't you formulate a general, coherent reply? No wonder you get so caught up in stuff that doesn't matter in the grand scheme.

BTW I didn't even bother to read what you wrote as it's just too boring. You keep repeating the same cr@p over and over in every post. Again, talk about a waste of bandwidth.

Note 1: I dont normally bring other people's photography into a discussion, but this time I think I will make an exception, only because it serves as a important evidence to back up one's claim about this aspect of photography. and I will not judge on other aspects of the photos other than the point of discussion.

Note 2: I only linked these images because bob includes link to his gallery in this signature in every post, so I am assuming he is inviting other posters to see his images.

So bob says in XX years of him shooting he never finds the need for more DR and he thinks we are idiots for wanting canon to match D800's 14.4 stops. so much so he engages himself in these debates every chance get gets. So lets look at bob's photos and see if the DR he had was indeed producing desirable results.

1, Significant portion of the image is overblown to the point of distraction.

2, not as bad as number 1 but overblown sky still gives the image a grey and dull look.

3, significant portion of the main subject is overblown

4, blown shirts and shorts,

5, no detail on the body.

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