Sony, where is the FF 36MP Alpha SLT?

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Re: If Sony is wise, ...

OK, here's why; at least from my perspective. Others may differ.

In the 'good ole days' of film, you bought a camera and lenses and more or less kept it for life. Improvements in resolution, color, etc., were made by inventing better films.

NOW, improvements are made by making better sensors and as a result, cameras are not kept for life because after a few years they become worthless. You can't give them away.

I don't know about others but I can afford to keep only ONE expensive camera body and if I want an improved sensor (i.e., a new camera), I have to sell the one I have in order to help pay for it. That means I have to sell it rather quickly after only a couple years of use, before it loses its value.

If the camera I have becomes worthless because I have kept it too long and it is too old, or because Sony has refused to provide an upgrade path, my investment has turned to dust and my lenses become worthless too!

So my dilemma is that I need to sell my a900 and all the lenses while they still have some value and I can still invest in a better camera/system. I have to do this because Sony has left me no choice. They refuse to offer any alternative or even hint that I might want to hang on a little longer. I like my Sony equipment. I want to stick with Sony. It is Sony that has no interest in sticking with me.

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