Can you tell Subject Distance from EXIF data?

Started May 3, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Can you tell Subject Distance from EXIF data?


I'm getting lost in physics here. I'm just a picture taker not an enthusiast, so maybe I used the wrong wording in my post. All I would like to know is how far away the target is from the camera when a picture is taken. I don't know how to tell that when viewing a sample photo someone submits on-line.

The quality I refer to is this...Someone snaps a pic of a bird on a fence post 20 feet away with his Superzoom Compact. The bird flies to another fence post 100 yards away and another pic is snapped. One of the photos of the bird is uploaded on-line and fills my laptop screen. I look at the photo and I say "Gee, I wonder how far away he was from the bird to get that sort of IMAGE QUALITY".

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