'The Sigma 30mm the best of all available E-mount lenses?'

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Re: 'The Sigma 30mm the best of all available E-mount lenses?'

Right after seeing that link, we ordered the 30 Sigma. Having had it for some tests, it will be returned Monday.

Just proves everyone is different. We tested it against a SEL18200 at f.5.6. Lest I get crucified, IT WAS SHARPER, in most cases, but not all. The stabilization of the Sony at 45mm made a difference in more cases than I would have imagined. And the sharpness difference can be "treated" in LR 4 with very little effort in many cases.

The sharpness tradeoff is mitigated by the flexibility of not having to change lenses. And f2.8 is not fast enough to make a significant factor from the 18200. Our DSLR kit (D7000) had a UWA option (Nikon 10-24) and a fast (35f1.8). Both were valuable and used for "special" occasions. We have the Nikon D7000/18-200 covered in spades with the NEX 7/18-200 - very happy with the tradeoff (Almost have the weight and IQ is fine). So we will wait to fill out the NEX kit. And we have a Nikon V1/30-110/FT1/55-300 kit for any BIF/action stuff we enjoy doing.
Hopefully this will get simple some day . . . but I doubt it!


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