D200 low milege or D300

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Re: D200 low milege or D300

I'd go with a zoom instead of a 50mm because it is such an odd focal length on a DX Nikon. It's hard to beat the price for 1.8 lens but I've never seen the point really and I own a 1.4 50mm.

My fave "walkabout lens" is the Tokina 12-24 f4 zoom. I prefer fixed aperture lenses because I use non-TTL flashes and a hand held flash meter. F4 is as slow as I go when it comes to lenses; all my other lenses are Nikkors including 2.8 zooms and fast primes. The Tokina beats the $1000 12-24 Nikkor as far as I am concerned...

The other lens in my basic street photography/travel kit is the Nikkor 35-70 2.8. I think that it has been discontinued but there are clean used examples out there.

I've gone entire trips using only the Tokina. I like to shoot wide and I like to get up close whenever possible. I can go all day long with the D200/Tokina attached to my R Strap and never even notice that I am carrying the camera.

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