for sale: NX200 for $600.

Started May 4, 2012 | Discussions thread
snake_b Veteran Member • Posts: 4,680
Re: for sale: NX200 for $600.

That's quite unfortunate.

Ariston wrote:

jj74e wrote:
OK! squeal*

snake_b wrote:
You should pull the trigger before it's too late!

jj74e wrote:

seems to be cheapest in europe. north america isn't so fortunate.

unfortunately i'm still waiting for deals/new cams/certain reviews to come out. prices fluctuate; it won't be too late, and the NX210 should follow the NX200's price fluctuations relatively closely anyway

I want to put my hands on the NX20 so bad. too bad I won't be purchasing it soon.

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