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Re: Focusing modes on E-M5 and Pens

texinwien wrote:

rrr_hhh wrote:

Personnally, I have mode 3 in all cases : A3/C3/M3. I find it more logical because I begin by setting focus, then readjust the frame, then meter the light for the correct framing and release the shutter. This also means that I have set one of the Fn button to AF and that I have set the focus on hold (don't remember exactly how it is named but should be in the AF/AEL menu). But I'm accustomed to shoot most of the time using the focus with center point and reframe technique

I also generally shoot using 'focus with center point and reframe', so I appreciate the tip.

I'm playing with mode 3 at the moment. I wish it was possible to disengage the locked AF quickly. For shots where I have more time to set things up, mode 3 looks excellent. For quick, action shots. It would be nice to disengage the locked AF so that a half-depress of the shutter would trigger autofocus. May be time to take a closer look at MySets.

I think that with mode 3 it is important to have the AF set on hold. Did you set it so as well ? Usually when you see a picture to take it is because you were already observing the scene, so there are a lot of chances that you are already focused on the right spot. I'm pressing the AF button very often. And when something occurs I'm usually already ready to shoot. Also once you have found the best place for the button : Fn1/Fn2/Rec.. then it comes all very naturally like a single coordinated movement. It takes more time to tell than do. But as I wrote, I haven't yet got the E-M5 and don't know which button I'll use for it.

Needless to say that I'm impatient to try it effectively : hopefully I'll find the right button.

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