'The Sigma 30mm the best of all available E-mount lenses?'

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Re: In context, yes ...

The Sigma is a surprisingly well performing and affordable gem.

But the test is only concerned with lens sharpness. All lenses produced use-able sharpness when stopped down, whereas the Sigma produces impressive, best, sharpness even wide open.

It is impressive to see a 30mm low cost prime outperforming a Leica 50mm.

But not all lenses are 30mm FL, some lenses are faster than f/2.8, some lenses need OSS (video?) and then, the zoom lenses fall into a different category alltogether.

I agree, especially on a Nex-7, the Sigma produces impressive pixel level sharpness.

But if your need is monitor size images, modest print size images, many lenses work quite well on the Nex/Nex-7.

I think that both Sigmas represent an additional lens that everyone should seriously consider adding to their lensbag.

I don't think that it should be the only lens. I am traveling with (only) the two Sigma's right now, and, with (family) people shots, I actually miss f/2.0, zoom, and OSS. There are certain shots (and videos) that do come out better with the other lenses.

But I appreciate the compactness. A two-lens sigma 21/30 bag is smaller than a two-lens Sony 24/50 bag, and the difference is enough for me to sway my decision.

hewitt wrote:

That's the question sonyalpharumours poses after reading Lensrentals result after measuring the resolution of all currently available NEX lenses including a Leica 50mm f/1.4 Summilux with Fotodiox adapter. At f2.8 and f4.0 the Sigma 30mm is the winner. To quote Lensrentals: “The Sigma is really amazing. Obviously it’s not really a wide aperture prime, with a maximum aperture of f/2.8, but it gives world-class resolution. The Sony 24mm f/1.8 is not the bargain the Sigma is, but from f/2.2 on it has amazing center resolution, although it lags behind the other two in the corners.”

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